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Grunwald Keeps Doing The Right Thing

With little to no money to spend, our competent GM put together an offseason of Lin + JR + Novak + Jkidd + Camby + addition by subtraction in Landry Fields going to TOR. I understand he needed some serious help from the ruling on bird rights, but I love a guy who makes all the reasonable moves. It’s been so rare around here, and while Donnie Walsh got the Knicks under the cap (a huge accomplishment), his acquisitions were head scratchers, his trades lopsided, and his ego through the roof. Grunwald keeps quiet and just gets the job done. Love that guy.

One Response

  1. He’s being criticized in some circles for the money he’s spending on some older or uncertain players, but I couldn’t agree more with your comments. The Knicks are trying to win now and Grunwald has absolutely put them in the best position to do it with a fascinating mix of proven talent or others with exciting potential to contribute. Will the pieces fit? Can Amare bounce back and play a key role? How good will Lin actually be? Those seem to be the primary questions.

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