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Why J-Kidd Over Nash Was Good

1- Kidd is a far better defender —-> Understatement

2- Kidd doesn’t need to dominate the ball to run the offense. JKidd is more of a quick hitter, give and go type PG. As much as players rave about Nash’s brilliance making teammates better, all of team USA salivate over playing with Jason. We know the Knicks have a guy in Melo who isn’t comfortable with a PG who dominates the ball. No feathers ruffled here.

3- Kidd costs 1/3 of the price.

4- Kidd is at a point in his career where mentoring is a part of his salary, and minutes top out around 25. Not sure Nash was ready to hand over minutes to an up and comer like Lin, while teaching him the ropes.

5- Shumpert remains a Knick

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